Thailand Open Source Questionnaire

Dear Users,

I currently conduct some academic research on the topic Open Source Software. The survey targets Thai Open Source Software developers and users or those who have some relationship to the Thai software market or work together with local ICT staff.

The questionnaire could be found here for the EN Version:

and here for the Thai Version:

I case you have experience in more then one of the given categories - you are very welcome to do it for several.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
Once the survey is done, I will share my findings with you and post an abstract here.

Please help me - it only takes a few minutes

Thank you a lot for your great support so far! We have right now about 200 complete votes. In order to achieve a significant result we need about 400. Please help!

ขอบคุณที่ให้ความร่วมมือ Tom

Its about 260 valid responds now - please support us

Now we have arround 300 votes .

Anyone who knows about the following OSS categories please help! You can also redo it with a difference choice on category

ระบบปฏิบัติการ (เช่น Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenSolaris)
ระบบจัดการฐานข้อมูล (เช่น MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Utilities (เช่น Filezilla, 7-Zip )
Office Software และ Groupware (เช่น OpenOffice)
Browsers (เช่น Firefox, Mozilla)
Web Content Management Systems (เช่น Joomla!, Mambo, Typo3, Drupal)
E-Commerce Software (เช่น XT-Commerce, OS-Commerce, Magento)
Customer Relationship Management และ ERP (เช่น Compiere, vTiger, OpenBravo, SugarCRM)
Webserver (เช่น Apache)

Please help, I want to finish before Songkran

Meanwhile we collected a few hundred more samples - at the OSS categories Web-Content Management, Browsers, Databases and Operating Systems we still lack of samples.

If you have any experience in these categories - you are kindly invited!

Dear all,

the survey goes into his final week

If you have experience in Open Source Web-Content Management, Browsers, Databases and Operating Systems we would kindly like to invite you here.

Many thanks for everyone who supported us already

ขอบคุณที่ให้ความร่วมมือ Tom

Dear all, the survey will stop by the comming weekend.

Many thanks for your great support so far. We soon exceed the 1000 in terms of complete responses!

But at Open Source Operating Systems we still lack a tiny amount of votes- please support us if you have some knowledge there!

ขอบคุณที่ให้ความร่วมมือ Tom

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